Octave Terp Timer Review

Octave Terp Timer Review

The Octave Terp Timer is an amazing product will provide you with the perfect temperature for your banger every time! If you appreciate the art of dabbing, The Octave Terp Timer is unique and a product that will change the way you dab forever.

This is the Octave Terp Timer, a brand new and innovative product that will take the guesswork out of torch dabbing. For those who like to dab, this could be the product that changes you whole life! You can simply set up the Terp Timer under your rig and point the laser at your banger, set the temperature you desire, and let it heat up.

While it does so, you can get your dab ready, so when the banger gets to your desired temperature, the Terp Timer will sound an alarm, and you’re ready to go with perfect results every time!

The Terp Timer has really been made for people who appreciate the art of dabbing and take dabbing very seriously. It’s a unique product, and it gives a really unique experience.

Completely customisable, you can use it with the sound on or off, with the laser on or off, and at whatever temperature you want whether you are a hot dabber, or play it cool! And play it cool you certainly will be with the Terp Timer, as not only does it work fantastically, it’s a real handsome piece of kit, and with the laser pointing on your blown glass banger, it looks totally awesome!

Octave Terp Timer Contents:

  • Terp Timer device
  • USB charging cable
  • User guide
Octave Terp Timer