Arizer Extreme-Q Whip Accessory

Arizer Extreme-Q Whip Accessory


The ultimate accessory for the Arizer Exreme-Q table top vaporizer is this 3ft long (90cm) whip accessory.

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Arizer Extreme-Q Whip Accessory

If you are looking for a replacement whip for your Arizer Extreme-Q vaporizer, then look no further than this original Arizer Extreme-Q Whip accessory. A 3ft (90cm) clear hose tubing to replace the original item that was packaged with your Extreme-Q vaporizer (Arizer Extreme-Q vaporizer not included). Ideal for parties, the Extreme-Q is one of our most favourite table top vaporizers, for which we also have a selection of other accessories including replacement balloons, and a complete balloon kit. (Mouthpiece NOT included)

Arizer Extreme-Q Whip Accessory contents:

  • 3ft (90cm) length clear hose tubing
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