Davinci IQ2 Flat Mouthpiece

Davinci IQ2 Flat Mouthpiece


If you have lost or damaged your original Davinci IQ2 flat mouthpiece, this is the replacement you have been looking for.

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Davinci IQ2 Flat Mouthpiece

This is the Davinci IQ2 Flat Mouthpiece constructed from the highest quality zirconium ceramic which is ten times stronger than glass, and retains the purity of your vapour as it passes through. A simple push-out replacement for the mouthpiece supplied with your Davinci IQ2 premium herbal vaporizer, just in case you lost or damaged the one original one. This is an authentic, original branded Davinci product, so you know when you buy this, it is as high quality as the one that came with the IQ2, because it’s the same. We also have the 10mm water tool adaptor to attach a water filtration system to your IQ2.

Davinci IQ2 Flat Mouthpiece contents:

  • Zirconium ceramic flat mouthpiece with silicone adapter for perfect fitting
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