Davinci MIQRO Glove Grey

Davinci MIQRO Glove Grey


The ultimate sleeve for your Davinci MIQRO premium herbal vaporizer, protecting from your vaporizer from drops and keeping it cool to the touch.

SKU: Miqro Silicone Glove


Davinci MIQRO Glove Grey

The ultimate accessory for the Davinci MIQRO premium vaporizer, the Davinci MIQRO Glove Grey is a grey coloured silicone sleeve to house your Davinci MIQRO. Not only does it protect your MIQRO from drops and dinks, it also prevents your hands getting hot while in use and fits like a glove, as the name suggests. Anodised herbal vaporizers tend to get a bit hot when vaping, especially if you’re having a long session, so this accessory is invaluable!

Davinci MIQRO Glove Grey contents:

  • Silicone glove (vaporizer not included)
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