De Verdamper Premium Vaporizer

De Verdamper Premium Vaporizer


The ultimate premium vaporizer for the vaping connoisseur which delivers the most flavoursome vapour. Surely the most impressive party vaporizer available anywhere in the world?


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De Verdamper Premium Vaporizer

Designed for the vaping connoisseur, the De Verdamper is a premium vaporizer that looks and works like no other! The all-glass construction provides you with amazing flavour, it’s easy to clean, and it’s attractive to look at. The tubes, bowl and chamber are all very large in diameter, meaning there is very little drag while inhaling. It’s very easy to get massive hits!

Because De Verdamper is an all-glass vaporizer, it does an excellent job of preserving the natural taste of the herb. The water does a great job of cooling down the vapour, allowing you to take long, deep hits, giving fantastic flavour.

De Verdamper Vaporizer Contents:

  • Heating element
  • Head with screen
  • Inhalation tube
  • Safety valve
  • Connecting tube between head and jar
  • Jar
  • Adapter/holder for heating element 220 V / Standard European plug
  • Brushes and grease for the connecting pieces



Read the instructions before use. The heating element gets extremely hot: use the grip to hold it! Keep the element away from inflammable substances, pets and children. Turn the heating element of when not in use.

Please note: De Verdamper has a European plug and works on 220 V only. The plug is not suitable for (among other countries) the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. British and Irish users will only need an adapter plug. US and Canadian users also need a voltage adapter.

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