GS-ego II 2200 mah


GS-ego II 2200 mah


GS Ego II battery boasts a very impressive 2200mah of battery life that will last most vapers at least a couple of days between charges.



  • 2200mAh rechargeable battery with power saving and safety features that allow you to turn the battery on and off. The battery is equipped with a microchip to prevent overcharging and will stop automatically when it becomes fully charged. Under normal conditions, the battery takes 5 hours to charge. The LED lights on the button indicate power levels and let you know when you need to charge your battery:
  • Battery Rated Voltage 4.0 V Connection Threading 510/eGo.
  • Latest LED Indication makes you never be left guessing how much power you have left. White = 100-50% power remaining Blue = 50-25 power remaining Red = 25-0%power remaining.
  • Package Contents 1 x GS EGO II 2200 BATTERY

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