SLX Grinder V2.5

SLX Grinder V2.5


SLX V 2.5 brings you cutting edge grinding. The Non-Stick Grinder.



A Unique Herb Grinder

The new SLX herb grinder V2.5 is leading the way in grinding technology and is probably the best herb grinder on the market today. The SLX V2.5 Grinder has a low-friction ceramic coat and therefore is able to repel water and oils. But there’s so much more! The SLX V 2.5 Grinder never sticks and consequently you never need to clean it. All parts of this grinder are coated in SLX’s Cerami-Coat formula. This clever piece of kit prevents the build-up of debris from the cutting area and as a result eliminates waste. The Cerami-Coat teeth provide you with a smooth and effortless grind, whilst it has no problem in cutting through some of the harder materials too. This herb grinder is like no other. It will time after time give you a consistent herb grind.

This standard size grinder measures 62mm in diameter whilst the pocket size is 51mm. It is available in a range of colours to suit your preference.


SLX Grinder Layers

The NEW SLX version 2.5 grinder comes in four component pieces. They are fully coated with the exclusive non-stick ceramic coating consequently you never need to clean it. The top lid-layer is beautifully engineered to give you a fantastic grip. Underneath you’ll find the first layer of grinding teeth. The lid-layer pops onto the teeth layer below and sits very snugly due to its magnetic properties. Then there is the second teeth layer and the very important collection chamber. Sitting below that is the pollen chamber. It contains a fully coated mesh that’s incredibly effective in collecting not-to-be-wasted-waste! These are the reasons that make the SLX the best herb grinder you can own.

Main Features of the SLX V2.5 Grinder

  • It NEVER Sticks.
  • NO Teflon, PTFE, or other toxic chemicals.
  • Ultra-low friction ceramic coating.
  • Repels water and oils.
  • Formulated to eliminate friction and prevent debris build-up on the cutting area.
  • Cerami-Coat provides an effortless grind and annihilates “cleaning” from your vocabulary.
  • SLX shatters every expectation of what a perfect herb grinder should be.
  • FDA Certified.

It’s Simply the Best Herb Grinder




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BFG 88mm, Pocket 51mm, Standard 62mm

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